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Lakeside Resort, Tikkar Taal


The take off point for this day trek is Dhundi, (2680 metres), at the upper end of Solang valley, where the metal road from Manali into Solang valley ends.From here it’s a fairly steep 6-7 km up to Beas kund. The trail begins along the north bank of the river, descends to cross a side stream before rising due west along the ridge above it.

From here it turns right again and ascends steeply for around 2 km, then crosses a bridge to the meadows of Bakar Thach.


From Bakar Thach the trail runs along the south bank of the river, winding along a steep hill to the north before descending a dip to the lake.


At 3690 metres, the kund is the source of the Beas river. It’s possible to camp at the kund, which is also the take off point for climbs to adjoining peaks like Hanuman Tibba. Manali Peak and Friendshp peak, which ring the lake.




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