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The Tikkar Lake region is a good source for mushrooms, chemical-free grains and vegetables and the lakes for their silver carp & other fish species.

Our menu is built around growing our own veggies and sourcing local produce.

It has two components; a basic year-round menu of popular snacks, meals and beverages and a more extensive weekend menu comprising in-season products like mushrooms, Saag, fish & strawberry.


Weekends are also barbecue time; for eating smoked Kebabs around a bonfire.


Our standard menu with prices :




Tea   Rs 15

Coffee –milk or black    Rs 30

Cold Coffee    Rs 50  

Shakes-chocolate\mango\banana   Rs 50  

 Ice tea   Rs 30  

 Fresh lime Soda\Water    Rs 30  

 Lassi (sweet\salty)    Rs 30  

 Fruit Juice –seasonal    Rs 50


 Vegetable Pakoras   Rs 60                                    

 Paneer Pakoras      Rs 80                                     

 Fish Pakoras (seasonal)     Rs 100                           

 Chicken nuggets     Rs 100                                   

 French Fries      Rs 60                                       

 Cheese\vegetable Sandwich   Rs 60                            

 Chicken\Tuna Sandwich      Rs 80                           

Eggs & toast (scrambled\omelet)      Rs 60  

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