Favorite Trips

The Tikkar lakes offer a range of activities to visitors of all age groups. The most popular of these are the Adventure Park, boating & trekking.


Adventure Trips for schools: To popularize adventure sports among children we have partnered with Himalayaone Expeditions, the regions leading adventure group to craft affordable day & overnight packages for schoolchildren.



The Amusement component of the park consists of a Haunted House (Bhoot ghar) a monkey maze (Bhool Bhuliya), a mirror maze and a Tree house. On site adventure activities include Commando Nets, Burma Bridge, Swinging bridge, River crossing, an obstacle course and a rappelling\rock climbing zone. Leisure activities include a large well-maintained park with swings, fountains, washrooms and a cafeteria.  


Package costs (including transport) :

Rs 550 per person ex Chandigarh\Mohali,

Rs 500 ex-Panchkula\Ambala.

Package costs (excluding transport)

Rs 300 per person.


Boating: Paddleboats charge Rs 200 an hour for a 4-seater. Row-boats are also available for a similar amount.


A stone throw from Lakeside is a ‘prachin’ temple. Although the present structure is new the temple houses a collection of stone statues dating back to the tenth century. According to local lore the original temple at this site was built by the Pandavas as a thanksgiving at the end of their 14-year exile. 

The lakes are fed by several water sources, including two major waterfalls. The waterfall that feeds the larger lake lies just behind the Haryana Tourism complex. Another 100-foot high series of cascades feeds the smaller lake. This waterfall is around a kilometre from Lakeside. The waterfalls are at their most majestic after the rains.


Another little-know jewel are the mud-brown cliffs of Landsend, about 5 km away.


Centuries of erosion has carved the cliffs, which stretch for several kilometers, into knife-sharp spurs and deep canyons that plunge steeply to the forest floor a thousand feet below at places.


The cliffs can be accessed by taking the road from Tikkar Taal to Raipur Rani. Alternatively, it’s a pleasant 3-km trek along a small stream, then up to the village of Sher Gujjran, at the edge of the cliffs.


A few kilometers further, and just before the Raipur Rani road reaches the plains, are a series of small lakes.  Artificial water bodies created as summer watering holes for wild animals, these forest lakes have also begun to attract a growing number of migratory water birds each winter.


Morni fort is another pleasant day-trip.  An outpost of the Raja of Sirmaur, the fort was constructed in the 17 th century and provided sanctuary to the kings whenever their headquarters at Nahan, a few hilltops away, was under siege. It was briefly taken by the Gurkhas in 1814, who successfully defended it until it was ceded to the British as a part of the Anglo-Gurkha treaty of 1815. The small fort which has been restored recently, sits atop a hill around 6 km from Lakeside on the Morni road.


The Morni hills are home to several enterprising farmers who grow gladioli, vegetables, strawberries and white-button mushrooms. They are good hosts too and, in the winter months, visitors can add a field trip to a strawberry patch or a mushroom farm to their holiday.


Though not a large river the warm waters of the Ghaggar River, 12 km from the lakes, are alive with silver carp & Mahaseer in the autumn months and keen anglers can spend many a happy hour trawling its waist-deep deep pools. There are endless possibilities for short treks, rock climbing and bouldering in the steep cliffs above the lakes.


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