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Adventure North -What? Where? When?


You are young, full of beans and raring to go adventuring. But where do you go, and what are you likely to find when you get there. Here we attempt to answer some of these questions.


This is also the point at which we issue our disclaimer. While we have gone to some lengths to collect and update the information below it is indicative rather than exhaustive.


Also tourism like any industry is market determined; prices are both volatile and open to negotiation. Nor do we represent any of the operators at these locations and whatever price information we have mentioned on this link is indicative and intended to give a general idea for trip-planning.


While the range of thrills on offer in the Himalayas is as limitless as the mountains themselves we have limited ourselves to the fields we know about:


River rafting: The adrenalin pumping but relatively safe sport of River Rafting has become a major adventure activity in north India in the past decade, mostly because of locational reasons & the conveneince factor. The proximitry of the Ganga to Delhi (200 km or 4 hours away) means a weekend tripper can easily drive to Rishikesh over the weekend and still be back in time for work on Monday. Read more link


Bungee jumping: Bungy Jumping is a relatively new entrant in Indian adventure sports. For the present the only major year-round Bungy Jump is at jumping heights, a site set up by a former Army officer with technical expertise from New Zealand. Read more link


Rock climbing: Rock-Climbing and ice-climbing are disciplines that are intrinsic to mountain climbing and high-altitude rescue. Because of the latter and the Indo-Tibetan frontier all the Himalayan states maintain government-run mountaineering institutes. Read more link


Paragliding: Parasailing as a sport has been around for over two decade now, thanks in large part to  efforts of Himachal Tourism, which has promoted it through annual competitions at Billing, in the Kangra valley. Read more link


Angling: Angling is an unlikely candidate amidst today's more vigorous adventure activities. It is nevertheless an enjoyable and satisfying life-long hobby requiring a high level of skill & experience. The two main categories of game fish in the Himalayas are trout in snow-fed rivers and mahaseer and carp n warmer waters. Read more link


Mountain bikes & ATVs: The Manali-Leh road & the lightly trafficked Manali-Kaza route have become popular mountain biking trails. The arid highlands of Ladakh & the Spiti valley also offer several scenic trails for mountain-bikers. Read more link


Winter sports: Though the upper Himalaya is a perrennial winter arena, organised winter sports, primarily skiing, is available at just four locations, Gulmarg in Kashmir, Solang valley & Narkanda in Himachal and Auli in Uttaranchal. All four have lifts and also provide equipment & training at various levels. Read more link


We plan to add other sections as we get reliable information on them.

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