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Angling is an unlikely candidate amidst today's more vigorous adventure activities. It is nevertheless an enjoyable and satisfying life-long hobby requiring a high level of skill & experience.


The two main categories of game fish in the Himalayas are trout in snow-fed rivers and mahaseer and carp in warmer waters.


Trout were introdouced in many Himalayan rivers by the British, who were keen anglers. They also set up the first trout breeding farms at Patlikuhl, below Manali, in 1909.


After independence the sport fell out of currency for some years. In recent years it has been promoted fairly aggressively in northn India by Himachal Tourism, which has also revived and set up nine new trout & carp farms all over the state.


The major fishing stretches for trout are the Lidder in Kashmir, the Tirthan, Uhl and Pabbar in Himachal and the upper Yamuna in Uttarakhand.


The Kosi and Ramganga above Corbett national park in Kumaon and Gobinsagar Dam in Himchal are popular spots for Mahaseer.


Fishing in both states requires permits. The relevant fishing zones and regulations for Himachal are pasted below: In Uttarnchal Mahaseer fishing permits for the Ramganga & Kosi can be obtained from the Project Tiger Office at Ramnagar. 


Those without equipment or looking for someone to take care of permits can try the Himalayan Trout House (Himalayan.trouthouse.com) at Nagini on the Tirthan river, near Kullu. Its owner, Christopher, is himself an avid angler and offers a complete fishing experience at reasonable price. 




Seasons & Fee

Fishing is completely banned in trout waters of Himachal Pradesh from 1st November to 28th February each year to facilitate the fishes to spawn and propagate.

Similarly, fishing is completely banned in all general waters including lakes and reservoirs from 1st June to 31st July each year.

                                                       FISHING FEE

Type of water License fees Permitted lure
Trout Waters Rs. 100/- daily Artificial baits
General Waters Rs. 40/- daily Rod & Line and handling



Contacts for License

District Sl.no. Address Telephone No.


1. Assistant Director of Fisheries, Shimla Fisheries Division, Shimla- 5. 0177-2830171
2. Senior Fisheries Officer, Shimla, Dist. Shimla-5 0177-2830171
3. Fisheries Officer,Trout Fish Farm Dhamwari,P.O. Tikri, The. Rohru, Dist. Shimla-171 207  
Kinnaur 1. Senior Fisheries Officer, Trout Fish Farm, Sangla, Dist. Kinnaur  
Solan 2. Assistant Director of Fisheries, SHAMTI, Rajgarh Road, Solan-173 212  01792-229454
Sirmaur 1. Assistant Director of Fisheries, Nahan Dist. Nahan- 173 001  01702-224985
Hamirpur 1. Senior Fisheries Officer, Hamirpur, Dist Hamirpur  
Una 1. Assistant Director of Fisheries, Una Distt. Una  01975-227792
2. Fisheries Officer, Lathiani, Dist, Una- 174 308  
3. Fisheries Officer, Mandli, Dist, Una- 177 032  
Bilaspur 1. Assistant Director of Fisheries, Bilaspur Fisheries Division, Bilaspur- 174 001 01978-222568
2. Senior Fisheries Officer, Bilaspur- at Deoli
3. Fisheries Officer (Conservation) , Bilaspur - 174 001 01978-222568
4. Fisheries Officer, Zagatkhana, Dist. Bilaspur - 174 310  
5. Fisheries Officer, Bhakra Dam Dist. Bilaspur - 174 201  
6. Fisheries Officer, Nakrana, Dist. Bilaspur - 174 310  
7. Fisheries Officer, Fish Farm Deoli, Dist. Bilaspur.  
Kullu 1. Deputy Director of Fisheries, Patlikuhl Dist. Kullu - 175 101  01902-240163
2. Fisheries Officer, Largi, Dist. Kullu - 175 123  
3. Tourist Officer, Kullu Dist. Kullu - 175 101  
4. Tourist Officer, Manali Dist. Kullu - 175 131  
Mandi 1. Assistant Director of Fisheries, Mandi Fisheries Division, Mandi - 175 001 01905-235141
2. Fisheries Officer, Fish Farm Alsu Via Slapper, Dist. Mandi - 175 030
3. Fisheries Officer, Trout Fish Farm Barot, Joginder Nagar Dist. Mandi.  
Chamba 1. Assistant Director Fisheries, Chamba, at Sultanpur, Dist. Chamba- 176 314  01899-223801
2. Senior Fisheries Officer, Chamba Dist. Chamba -  176314  
3. Fisheries Officer, Rajnagar Dist. Chamba.  
4. Fisheries Officer, Trout Fish Farm, Holi, Dist. Chamba - 176 320  
Kangra 1. Assistant Director of Fisheries, Palampur Fisheries Division, Dist. Kangra - 176 061 01892-231872
2. Assistant Director of Fisheries, Pong Dam - 176 501, P.O. Sansarpur, Dist. Kangra 01893-201282
3. Fisheries Officer, Fish Farm Kangra, Dist. Kangra  
4. Fisheries Officer, Dehra Gopipur, Dist. Kangra - 177 101  
5. Fisheries Officer, Haripur, Dist. Kangra - 176 028  
6. Fisheries Officer, Nandpur Bhatoli- Dist. Kangra  
7. Fisheries Officer, Harsar, Dist. Kangra - 176 024  
8. Fisheries Officer, Nagrota-Surian, Dist. Kangra - 176 027  
9. Fisheries Officer, Guglara- (Sidhata) Dist. Kangra  
10. Fisheries Officer, Dadasiba, Dist. Kangra - 177 106  
11. Fisheries Officer, Barnali, Dist. Kangra - 176 502  
12. Fisheries Officer, Dhameta, Dist. Kangra - 176 025  
13. Fisheries Officer, Khatiar at Pong Dam, P.O. Sansarpur Terrace, Dist. Kangra  

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