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Mountain Bikes & ATVs


Mountain Biking, a form of trekking in which backpacking is replaced by riding a geared bicycle along mountain trails, has been popular in the West for some decades now. However, it never quite caught on in the Himalayas, especially in India.


The reasons for this were manifold: The unavailability of geared bikes, specially lightweight bikes designed for mountain trails; Mountain-bikers inability to wander too far from well-traveled routes because of the limited equipment they can carry as compared to backpackers; the failure to develop trails suitable for mountain biking.


Despite these shortcomings 2 roads; the Manali-Leh road & the lightly trafficked Manali-Kaza route have become popular mountain biking trails. The arid highlands of Ladakh & the Spiti valley also offer several scenic trails for mountain-bikers.


While all these trails can be done on your own several travel outfits, including a few at Manali, now organise mountain biking trips.



ATVs or quad bikes are a more recent introduction. Like many other adventure sports ATVs first caught on at the summer-magnet of Manali, where they are not only an attraction for fun-seekers at Solang nallah in summer, but a practical transport into and out of the snow-covered Solang and the upper Beas valley in winter.



ATV rides are also now available at Kikar Lodge near Anandpur Sahib in Punjab and have recently been introduced at Rishikesh as well.


They are equally popular in the sand dunes of Rajasthan in winter. 



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