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Rock Climbing


Rock-Climbing and ice-climbing are disciplines that are intrinsic to mountain climbing and high-altitude rescue. Because of the latter and the Indo-Tibetan frontier all the Himalayan states maintain government-run mountaineering institutes.


These also offer rock-climbing courses at the beginner & advanced level. 


The major institutes are the Nehru Institute of Mountaineering, Uttarkashi, he AB Vajpayee Instute of Mountaineering 7 Allied Sports at Manali, the Tenzin Norgay Institute at Darjeeling, and the IISM at Gulmarg in Kashmir. 


Each of theses institutes maintains extensive websites which give complete course & fee details.



Basic courses are also offered by the Nainital Mountaineering Club at Bara Pathar outside Nainital.


Several travel outfits now also offer climbing and rapelling courses, especially around Manali.


These include the Himlayan Extreme Centre, run by a Frenchman, Fred at Vashisht in Manali & Climb the Himalayas.


A recent innovation has been the introduction of climbing walls in several cities.


Artificial walls built of steel and fibre, these allow climbers to practice their skills in the proximity of the cities. 


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