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Trekking in Himalayas

Trekking in the Indian Himalaya has never enjoyed the glamour of its Nepal counterpart. There is no Everest or Annapurna base camp, no strategically-placed muesli serving guest houses along trails, no Thamel to buy gear from or Irish Bar to come back to and unwind afterwards.

Instead many of the longer Indian trekking trails lay claim to nothing at all, no guest houses, no chai shop, no people, sometimes not even a proper track. Yet that precisely is there charm – in the opportunity they offer to be alone with nature.


Trekking routes can be divided into three categories: day treks, longer treks with support infrastructure like rest houses and pure wilderness trails.

I have listed treks in the three categories and by region. My focus is on day treks which do not require equipment or guides and can be done by just anybody who is reasonably fit.


A few longer treks which can be done without guides have also been listed.



Although the focus is on the Indian Himalaya I have also mentioned treks in 2 of the 3 popular trekking regions of Nepal, the Annapurna sanctuary & Langtang national park.   

I look to you to help both improve and grow this list.


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