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There is a flood of information available on road travel on the net: on Google, online maps and numerous travel sites.

Unfortunately the multiplicity of sources means information is scattered, at times outdated, occasionally misleading. There are valuable offline resources too, including the venerable traveler’s bible, The Lonely Planet guide. But many of these stick to the more touristy tracks and are not always at hand.

To try and fill some of these gaps I have listed major travel routes in the North Indian Himalaya along with basic distance maps and photos, trying to give a would-be road-tripper an idea of what they might be up against. All of these are roads I have driven on in the past decades, many of them on my trusted Bajaj Chetak.

That said I am fallible, administrators whimsical and nature marches to its own drummer. Bridges break, roads retreat, rivers change course; old routes close while new ones open. This is an ongoing resource and any updates on these roads and information on new and better ones is always welcome. The roads covered are:

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