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Adventure Cafe

Adventure cafe 


As someone who likes to travel I have often sought out people who share the same tastes.  While this is relatively easy when you are at adventure spots or out on the trail it can be daunting when you are in a city or living on a farm, like I did for years. 


Even those with a large circle of friends with shared interests in college or university may see that circle dry up quickly once they move out and into jobs. While the Internet provides a forum for keeping in touch, it doesn't substitute for a real living space for getting together and in the ouitdoors.  


Thus the ides for an adventure cafe -- a space close to the city but in the mountains, where those looking to strike out can come together, equio themselves, prepare or just swap plans over a cup of coffee.


For the present while the physical location is in place the life adventure is beginning. We invite you to join us on it.



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