Favorite Trips

Cafe - Main Course


 Fresh Vegetable Salad   Rs 40                            

 Curd salad –Raita    Rs 50                               

 Soup Vegetable\ Chicken    Rs 50                        


Main course

 Seasonal Vegetables    Rs 60 

Dal fry (Urad)      Rs 50  

 Mattar Paneer   Rs 70      

 Shahi Paneer \Kadahi Paneer      Rs 80

 Vegetable fried rice\noodles      Rs 70 

 Cheese pasta   Rs 100  

Chicken Curry –half chicken (on order)    Rs 200

Indian Breads

Roti   Rs 10  

Parathas-plain    Rs 20

Parathas Stuffed –with yogurt\pickles   Rs 30

Rice –boiled    Rs 40                                     



Gulab jamun      Rs 40  



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